Sunday, October 18, 2009

The ICT Integration in T.L.E.

Since before I became a high school student and became one of the students of section one here in NVGCHS, still right now even I am now a fourth year student, yet I am still part of the section one. Because of that our section are the only one who are the highest section in the RBEC but we are after by the two sections of Science Curriculum that are the higher section more than us. We are one of the sections on the RBEC that are studying in TLE about the computers. Still most of our lessons are about the computers and yet our section is so lucky because we are now with what we call The ICT Integration.

Everyday with every group as well, we are given more about the activities using on what computer assigned from us and also everyday, we are having a lesson and activities using the computers that are still part of this subject.

Since when I was first year, we are given more activities here in this subject such as we need to make a news papers, diploma, and also the different quotes that we need to make it and search using the internet. We also have most lessons about the ICT Integration and also when we are in first year this is the time that our teacher discussed about the “History of the Computer”. Our teacher teaches us on how we will use the internet and also for surfing as well. On that year level of mine, we are usually using the Microsoft Word Office and also we are also usually using the internet and the internet that has given to us was free.

Well not only in first year that we having the computer lessons but also when we are in second year and we are still also with the ICT Integration. When we are also in second year, we are always using the paint and also with the Microsoft PowerPoint.

Yet when we are in third year as well last year also with the ICT Integration, we usually use the Microsoft Office Excel and we are always having the computations without our teacher teaching the solutions that will guide us to get the correct answer as well. So still that time is still so very hard for us.

Well most of our activity right now, we usually using and making it on the Visual Basic 6.0 and still we are having our activity at that program.

So this year, while we are still fourth year and while we are having our first grading period right now, we are about to make a blog using again the internet based on what we are doing right now about the ICT Integration. At first when I encounter this project, I don’t have enough knowledge about creating with your own personal blog. Because of that I was forcibly again to used the internet to search more things about this project to guide me and help me by doing my own personal blog.

Then after searching for some information’s on this project, I have now known how to make my own personal blog that I will make using the internet. I have also research about what thus the relation of the ICT Integration with us students and also from the teachers as well. So using the internet, I found out many information’s and then based from the information’s that I’ve got, those are the information’s that I can easily create my personal blog using the internet. So after that I have now created my personal blog.

So still we are so blessed that the internet was invented that can help a lot through our everyday life and study life as well.

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